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This is Just a fun online contest!

There is no prize other than the winner having the satisfaction of saying they won.

Everyone is welcome to enter their pure bred chickens and tell us about them.

Rules: Must be a pure bred hen or rooster

: Must show a photo of the entered chicken

: Must tell us their breed, name and a little about them

: Everyone must enter on pure fun

Contest ends 18-09-13

This is Trika. She is a pure bred Silver spangled hamburg! I got her as a chick and paid a good price. Glad it all paid off!
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This is Fester, my amazing Buff O roo. He is the friendliest guy you've ever met, greets me at the coop door every morning.
I'm still a newbie to chickens, so I'm just curious which chickens are purebred so I can post some pics.
I have some white leghorns, rhode island reds, buff orp, an ameraucana, and a barred rock... do you know which of these are pure? thanks!!
A pure bred is a rooster and hen of the same breed who have no cross breeding. Say you have a buff whose parents were buff and leghorns. Thats a cross. Pure bred means no cross breed the pure breed line. You can post them up here anyway and I will take a look :)
Hmmm, well I have no idea of my ladies' backgrounds, lol. Three I got from my mom's coworker and 6 I rescued after someone dumped them in the desert :-D But I'll post some pics! One of my 9 is a red sex-link, so I won't post her, lol.

Lucy and Mabel
White Leghorns (I was told on another post that they have the silver gene, producing white legs)
They both stick together like glue and they are the Alpha ladies of the coop.

Wilma (larger) and Phoebe (smaller)
Rhode Island Reds
Both ladies tend to keep to themselves but Wilma has no problem puffing out her feathers to challenge another girl for personal space. Phoebe is regrowing her tail after it was rudely plucked out by Berta (red sex-link)

Barred Rock
She is one of friendlier girls and enjoys sitting on my lap for some one on one time. She is next in rank after Lucy and Mabel.

Buff Orpinton
She is every girls friend. She doesn't pick on anyone and sticks up for the 2 shy girls.

Betty is one of the shy girls. She tends to be very flighty and afraid of every lady, except for Abigail and of course the other shy girl.


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