Whipper snapper
11 Years
Nov 3, 2010
I have a chocolate wyandotte rooster for sale. He was a June 2013 hatch and is Foley breeding. Good yellow legs, dark chocolate coloring, good wings. I lost my hens I purchased with him so I hate to see him sit here and have no girlfriends. If you have any questions or would like to purchase him, feel free to PM me. Payment via paypal only and shipping will be actual shipping plus $10 for the box.

NPIP & AI tested in Ohio. Can ship anywhere. I took the best pictures I could with my phone as it is the only camera I have. He is pictured in some next to a black orpington cockerel to help show the color difference. He looks dull and faded black in some photos but I assure you he is shiny dark chocolate.

He is very friendly and has never offered to attack or even growl at me for that matter. He is very loving of my chocolate orpington pullets. He calls for them whenever he finds food and often lays it in front of them so they can eat.

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