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12 Years
Apr 13, 2010
Lenoir City, TN
I am looking for a wonderful, loving home for our remaining beloved pet duck Gabrielle. Our other female duck, Kiera, went missing last night without a trace and no sign of her this morning. :( Because we know Gabrielle can't be alone, we are looking to rehome her as soon as possible. I think she's already sad that she's all alone and her sister isn't with her anymore.

We got Gabrielle and Kiera as day old ducklings from McMurry Hatchery in the spring of 2010. They were our first barnyard pets (the chicks soon followed and the Nigerian Dwarf goats will come next spring). We raised them in the house until they were old enough to go outside to their own house. They are very well loved, spoiled and taken care of. Gabrielle is a sweety. She comes when called (our pets are very treat motivated and shaking the scratch can brings them running! But they all come when called whether I shake the can or not) and knows the command "in your house" when it's time to go into her run or if it's bedtime. She loves, loves, loves tomatoes and cucumbers. And greens (and grass). Bananas, not so much. Bugs, yes! Gabrielle lays nice eggs. We don't artificially add light so she lays with the seasons. As for biosecurity, we do not go anywhere where there are other ducks/waterfowl/poultry nor does anyone come to our property. Because they are our pets, I scrapbook them so I can send pictures. She likes a tubby (a cement mixing tub we use in the winter) and her kiddie pool (actually a turtle sand box we use in the summer). She loves to dabble in the brook. She's a good, happy duck.

I had said that when the ducks go, I would not be replacing them, obviously not knowing something like this would happen. I thought they would live out their wonderful, happy little lives and that would be it. This is unexpected and too soon. So this is the hard part - mourning the loss of Kiera and having to rehome Gabrielle. We are losing both at the same time. Sad. Sorry, I'm digressing.

We live between Portland, ME and North Conway, NH so anything in the surrounding area (driving distance) would be great. I may be contacted at [email protected] with any further questions you may have.

Thank you for your consideration.

Melissa L. Ward
Steep Falls, ME
You sound so attached to Gabrielle that maybe you should consider keeping her. If she is bonded to you, she's not really "alone" even though Kiera is gone. She has other critters to keep her company, too - the chickens, and all. Ducks are more resilient than you might think! And you never know, you might find another companion for her when somebody else needs to re-home a duck. :) It might be better for her to stay in the only home she has ever known.
Thanks for repsonding, GardenerGal! Yes, I am very attached to my duck(s) and chickens. As I was watching my duck and chickens yesterday afternoon wander around the yard in the sunshine, I started to consider bringing in a buddy for her. She seemed to be doing all the things she normally does, just by herself instead. She was doing ok. Phew! Just seems very weird to only see one duck instead of two. And I am thinking it wouldn't seem quite right if we had zero. My husband is ok with my decision either way (he's great!).
I hope you do keep her, with or without getting a new buddy for her. Another BYCer, Learycow, raises ducks not far from you. Actually, I am hoping to get some ducks from her to add to my "gang" too. :)
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I have contacted her (she was one of the first emails I sent out seeking a home for Gabrielle). She can't take in Gabrielle because she is NPIP and I am not (I totally understand). She does not have the breed available that I would be interested in at the age similar to Gabrielle. I want another adult duck. Of course I would love another Cayuga. I did alot of homework on duck breeds to come to that final one. She doesn't have an adult Cayuga or Welsh Harlequin (second option) available. I've asked her if she could please keep an eye out either for a buddy or for a home. She has been very kind and helpful.

I really don't want her to be alone so I'll keep this request on here while still looking for a buddy. I want what's best for her.

What breed of ducks are you adding to your flock?
I have khaki Campbells, and want to add a couple more for eggs. Learycow had some earlier this spring but I don't know if they're still available. I actually had a sweet Cayuga for many years, but she passed on a couple of years ago. Campbells don't have the tame temperament that Cayugas and Pekins do. They aren't afraid of me, but they absolutely will not follow me or get on my lap! When I bring treats they stand at a distance and wait for me to drop the goodies and leave. lol. That's just their nature.

If you really don't feel comfortable about keeping Gabrielle (though, through personal experience, I can say that a single duck does fine if there are chickens or other flock-types to hang out with), I would be happy to adopt her. I may also be getting some Blue Swedish, which also seem to tame well. You might consider that as an alternative breed as well if you are still looking for a new companion for your lone duckie.
Thanks so much for the links PoultryGirly! Much appreciated and I will certainly follow up on those. I've got to look up Rouens. I've been scoping out Craigs List (but couldn't yesterday) and didn't see these. I think I need to look specifically under the Farm and Garden section instead of just All For Sale/Wanted. Maybe I'll get more to show up that way.

Gabrielle is doing good, thankfully. I just don't want her to be by herself during the day while we are at work. She can't see the chickens (there's a big fence in the way) but she can hear them. But they are all together free ranging when we are home so she can hang out with them then. I've been allowing her to go to bed later so she can roam around a few minutes more with me before bedtime.

GardnerGal - There were several breeds I did my research on and Cayuga was my final decision. Blue Swedish was another I was seriously considering as well. If I absolutely cannot find her a buddy (now being my first choice), I will certainly consider your offer if I feel she definitely needs a home with other ducks. I do thank you for the reassurance that she is ok as long as there are other poultry around. That makes me feel much better and that I am not in a desperate rush to give her a new home.
That's great to hear.
Another thing I was wondering about is what kind of pen Gabrielle is in while you're at work. Is it covered on top, or open? When you mentioned how her companion just vanished, I thought that since Cayugas aren't flyers, perhaps she was fox-snatched or even "ducknapped" by somebody. If she is in an open pen with a low height, you might want to consider covering it over to varmint-proof it.

Anyway, please check in now and then and let us know how things are going with Gabrielle and with finding her a ducky companion. I think things will work out for the best.
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