pures and mutts

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    [​IMG] made ya look again [​IMG]

    allright allz,, ladies are back at it [​IMG]
    this is what i gots,, for pures,, theres rirs,bo's,leghorn,ee's,, in my mixed i have a leghorn roo with a mish mash,, some brahma's, some mutts,, some more mutts,, BR,,,, my games arent really laying so no help there.
    the grand total for a dozen, is 3 bucks plus shipping,, usually runs between 9 and 15 bucks.... ( if i dont charge 3 bucks,, the wifers will sell them as eatin eggs [​IMG] )
    between the girls i get about a dozen a day...
  2. the1much

    the1much Currently Birdless Hippy

    and so theres no misunderstanding,, lol,,i only get a few of each egg a day [​IMG] lol,, so getting a dozen of just pures wont happen lol.
    i get about 3 each breed a day, plus my mutts.

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