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  1. Ive read to feed my chicks starter until 8 weeks and then move them to grower until 6 to 7 months old.

    Purina doesnt have a grower, so do I just keep them on Start & Grow until 6 to 7 months old. Im assuming from the name Start and Grow is starter and grower?

    They are on Dumor now, but I will have to by another bag soon, and I dont think my Dumor is medicated. Can I go from non-medicated to medicated, or could that hurt the chicks?

    What do you feed you chicks?
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    I'm not sure, but I'll watch this.
    I feed ours NonMedicated Start & Grow from Purina. I need to stock up next week, since we're running low. I should also grab them some scratch.
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    You can leave them on Start & Grow till they begin to lay then switch to layer. I dont have just grower in my area. After they hit about 12-15 weeks, you could switch to NONmedicated Start & Grow, if you like, but it's not necessary. You can change to medicated but if they're not experiencing cocci, it's not something you need to do. And changing from one to the other should not hurt a thing.
    I use medicated all the time, for all the good it's done me. We have cocci badly in the soil here and all the youngsters get it, even with the amprolium in the feed.
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  4. Quote:Yea. I will probably get the medicated feed, as I think my chicks might have it. So they are on their second day of Sulmet and doing great. I have some coupons for Purina, so i'll get a bag of layer and a bag of start and grow. And I will do like you said, at around 12-15 weeks switch to non-medicated. I also find that the non-medicated has crumbles that are a lot larger than the medicated.
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    I started the chicks on the medicated purina start and grow and switched to the purina layena as soon as the first layed her egg. They were all 20 weeks at this point. Has been successful so far. I also noticed their poo is easier to clean on the Layena, not sure why but it seems to dry faster. I emailed Purina to confirm this is what they recommended.

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