Purpleish or paled combs, are they a problem?

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    Jul 10, 2013
    I have a rooster and a few other hens that have purpled combs (near the back of the comb itself). It had been very hot here until yesterday because it cooled off and rained. What used to be 100 degrees F. and up is now as low as 80 degrees F. I was wondering if heat or cold messes with combs or not, and if it's normal. Also, my three laying hens have very pale combs, and two of them I raised myself and not once did they pale. The last one, a Barred Rock, is one I "rescued" from my neighbor who had four in a small bunny cage. Her comb was pale, then it turned nice and red because she was able to run around and eat a better diet, until she started to become broody. Is this normal for hen's combs to pale when they are broody and have chicks? This is my first time with broody hens, and so far it's been swell. The only problem are the paled combs, and I need help!
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    sometimes the combs will get pale while they are broody or molting.

    the way you are describing this, it sounds like a hydration problem. i use the automatic waterers that have a clear jug on a twist on base, sometimes these will get hot and the chickens refuse to drink. the same thing can also happen with any waterer sitting out in the sun. if it is a hydration problem, the darkness will show up first on straight combed roosters- toward the back 3 points or so. if its hydration the darkness will change several times throughout the day.

    you can add some gatorade, vitamins and electrolytes, or pedialyte to the water and see if it helps. make sure all water is sitting in shaded areas, and change it twice a day (minimum).

    if the chickens are showing any other signs of illness, it could be something else. please keep me updated.
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    If your hen is broody I think it's normal for their combs to be pale and shriveled. That was the case for my 3 broodies. Once they stopped brooding and got close to laying again the combs plumped back up and turned red. Just changing hormones!

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