put 10 eggs under my BO, is that too many?

10 is just fine. 'Mama Hen' covered 12 a couple years ago and 11 last year. She is a scrawny Buff Orp. Not sure why, but she has just always been on the slim side. She will be 6 years old at the end of this month and has raised a clutch each and every year since she was 1.

Just for your amusement:
2010 Picture
2009 Picture
2008 Picture

2008 she only had 4 and would not let me see them. In fact I didn't get a good picture of the babies till they were several weeks old.

'06 and '07 I don't have pictures of online. She only raised a few each year. Until last year she never once lost a chick to a predator.


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