Put eggs in incubator need some simple advice please.

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by saltley2010, Jan 10, 2013.

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    i just put two eggs in an incubator and set the temperature and humidity as the incubator instructions say.

    i want to know the signs of a bad egg, when it is important to candle a egg to know if it is fertile, what a blood ring looks like and a good egg.

    best of with pictures if you dont mind thanks
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    Did you set the eggs in befor starting the bator up? That tends not to be the best way.
    Signs of a bad egg include smell. seeping small crystals type spots on the shell . If you dont have experiance at candleing , or if the eggs are brown eggs , blue eggs or green eggs , its best to wait at least 7 days till you try to candle and make sure the room you are in is as completly dark as you can get it. I will go try to hunt down the link to candleing pictures for you but I have to leave soon. If you can find her ask sallysunshine she has tons of info and picutures.
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    A blood ring is a dark shadow that wraps around the inside of the egg like a belt. I don't have an actual photo but I might be able to find it in a book. If I do, I'll post it. As the previous post said, wait til day 7 to candle the eggs. If you candle them now, the only thing you might be able to see to tell if an egg is fertile is the location of the air cell. This should be located in the large end of the egg. If you see it bobbing in the middle of the egg when you turn it sideways, chances are it will not developed. At day 7, if the eggs are developing properly, you will see a highway of veins and a small black dot in the middle.
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    Here are my incubation notes to tell the difference between a developing embryo and a dead one:

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