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    Ed, it's absolutely true if a career criminal knows who has guns he'll just rob the ones that don't have guns. That newspaper is irresponsible and is making it much easier for criminals to do their dirty deeds and should be liable for any crimes committed and losses incurred because of such publication!!![​IMG]
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  2. chickened

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    Oct 2, 2010
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    I agree and I am impressed by the guys stand, when a public employee takes a stand on an issue that is not PC they risk everything about their job and that is what this guy put on the line. The cops are not too happy having their names and addresses made public either.
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    Oct 22, 2009
    I sure wouldn't be happy. Owning a gun is within our Constitutional rights and it's not something to be bandied about like a list of offenders. And it does put the non-gun-owning public at risk, although their numbers are getting smaller. The more they talk about making more laws, the more guns, ammo and concealed carry permits people buy.

    Tried to look at the link but it is already down.
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    I saw this on the news. Personally I think the reporter/newspaper owners HOME addresses need to be published as well. It's ridiculous. These people have done nothing wrong and this is a blatant misuse of the Freedom of Information Act.
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    He deserves a public commendation for his stand. What the paper did may not be legally wrong but it is morally wrong and is just another example of where rights should trump law.

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