Putting a coop in the garage

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  1. justincasei812

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    Mar 22, 2016
    Mid Michigan
    I am looking into starting to raise chickens (maybe 4 to start) and I want to do this as a test run to make sure this will be a fit for my household. I don't want to go out and build a big coop with a lot of expense and find out there are issues with my neighborhood etc. I would like to build a smaller coop in my garage where I have an old dog door to the outside where I can put a run on the outside. If it works out I would either move the coop to the outside or build a bigger permanent coop in a better area with a bigger run depending on the number of chickens we end up having. I don't see an issue with the set up except for two things, One that the garage is kind of dark so putting a window in the coop would allow a little light but not a lot and second would be the ventilation issue. Would that still be okay for the chickens or would I need to put an artificial light within the coop and some sort of ventilation in. I know winter time artificial lighting helps with egg production and over all health of the chickens.

    Anything to help with this thought would be greatly appreciated.


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    You will need to add a light or window. If the only light entering the coop is from the pop hole that will present problems with the chickens seeing to go in or out. Chickens will not enter dark places, they cannot see in the dark.

    The other issue is chicken dust filtrating to the rest of the garage. If the walls on the interior are solid it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

    You will need a human door to access the coop and I assume that will be on the interior since you probable don't want to knock a hole in the exterior wall. Even the smallest of cracks allows chicken dust to escape.

    The dust comes from their "dander" and them scratching in their bedding.
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    Apr 22, 2015
    My "coop" is actually a garage work room. A good size window with screen allow for natural light and some ventilation. I use fluorescent lights on a timer. No attached outside run. I live in town and runs would not be a good idea-noise. I use a screen on the door when it is hot and fans too. I think that for a few birds your idea will work. A warning though-Be sure to use solid walls to make your indoor coop. Normal garage fumes could be fatal to chickens. I have been using my set up for the last nine years. All my birds are healthy.
  4. justincasei812

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    Mar 22, 2016
    Mid Michigan
    Thank you for the replies. My garage is a two car deep garage and will hold 4 vehicles if needed so we have plenty of room within the garage to build the coop and make the run outside. We have two windows but we are on a heavily treed lot. So even with the windows in the garage we do not get a lot of sunlight. I can add Plexiglas to the coop for light it just would not be very bright. There is still the issue with ventilation with it being pretty closed off. My plan was to make the coop approx. 4'x4'x4' with one side being able to open up to clean the inside. I may try to make it a few feet longer if needed. but that would be the general dimensions. The coop does not need to be ready until about the middle of May since the chicks would need to be placed in a brooder for sometime before they would be ready for the coop itself.


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