putting a new bird in


9 Years
Feb 7, 2010
I have a pair of white Phoenix and i wanted to get another hen for him which i have,
I put her in over a week ago and they both keep well away from her ,the original pair sleep together on the same perch
but the new girl in elsewhere
Any tips on how to get them to mix
I have been 'doing' chickens for only a yr. and I found out very early that it's hard to add only one bird.. they never seem to belong.. Maybe you could add another girl-they same age/size and see if they will bond.. maybe remove the new girl and place them in the same cage for a while and then return them to the big coop...
Chris, they will eventually get over it. Usually, if the newcomer is older, she will establish herself as alpha hen. If she is younger, they will all gang up on her. Sounds like your problem is minimal. You`re blessed............Pop
This is actually pretty common when adding one bird to a group. Maybe even more if you have a matched pair and you bring in an outsider. IMO...As long as your original hen isn't causing the new bird any harm, I'd just keep them together and watch and wait.

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