Putting black into a white line to improve type


8 Years
Jan 9, 2012

Sorry not a gene person thought I would launch myself into the dark and get some help off you geniuses on here ?

I have a white line of duccle bantams which are not such good type and a black male who is quite stunning and a great example of the breed.

I have :

3 whites totally white, 1 white with half black flight.

Black male with the odd white mottle on his foot feather.

Can I / should I put the black to the whites to try and improve the type, what can I expect to hatch ?

Time is not a problem the job needs doing.

Would apreciate your brains on this if poss

Thank you

If their white is dominant, yes. White and black both share the extended black E base and should generally be the same but for the dominant white, however, if they're recessive white you've got yourself a lot of issues to handle. So, either ask around, or test-mate and if you have white chicks, congrats.
Cant ask no one knows these birds. One of the whites has some black flecking does this tell us anything, their eyes are very good orange.

Male has some white mottling in foot feather and also carries a red feather in his hackle.

Not sure this info is any good to me but may tell you guys something

Thank You

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