Putting chicks in with adults


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Apr 10, 2014
At what age should I start to introduce my chicks to the older chickens so I can put them in the adult coop. I don't want them to get beat up or killed by the grown chickens.
I would say when they are no less than half the size of the older birds and probably bigger if you know you have particularly aggressive older guys/girls. I just introduced a new group and they are a month and a half old. Things are going smoothly....for now. Be sure to keep an eye on things though!
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Thanks for the advise, mine are a month and a few days this week so hopefully we can do this within a few weeks.
It really depends on the adult birds you have. I have been previously advised to put them where they can see eachother but not touch each other for a couple of weeks so they are accustomed to each other.

we did that and then we let both groups free range while we supervised for a couple of weeks, kind of like play dates with kids.

Then we removed the fence between the two and both groups continued to bed down in their own locations so eventually we removed the temporary shelter we had for the younger ones and we spent a couple of nights putting babies to bed with big ones.

It is also recommended you do this after the babies loose their baby voice and move to an adult sound.

You will still have pecking order issues but you shouldn't have anyone get ganged up on.

good luck.
Good question,

At the end of January this year I took 3 week old chicks out
and introduce to the adults every morning till dawn as it gets
down to the 40f degrees at that time of year ,,, I contained
this routine till week 6 when they stayed out in the grow cage
for 4 more weeks and then released to the yard ..

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