Putting grass seed in the coop/run


15 Years
Nov 11, 2008
Vicksburg, MS
we've had a ton of rain here lately so my coops and their runs are just muddy nasty fly ridden mud pits with no grass whatsoever. I was thinking about alternating the chickens to other pens for a few days and throwing some grass seed in their coops. Is the grass from those quick growing bags of grass seed you buy from the store safe for chickens?
It would be cheaper just to buy rye it comes up quick but dies out every winter if it last that long with chickens walking and scratching at it all the time
Perennial rye will not die out in the winter and will stay green in all but the warmest and coldest months. Takes a couple weeks for it to come up, but it is faster than Blue or Fescue. But chickens in a run for any period of time is going to destroy any grass that's in there.

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