Putting my chickens in new coop.

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Apr 21, 2014
We used a 10 X 8 metal shed for our chicken coop. It is not finished yet and I really want to put the chickens out...they are to big to continue inside. They go out during the day but I am still bringing them in at night. The coop is built but no vents have been installed and the is no nesting boxes yet. I have 7 EE's and 4 red pullets that are 5 weeks old. Can they stay in their coop at night without being finished? I thought about using a box in it with bedding until we can get the boxes built? Will that be ok or should I wait until it is complete? It is about 70 degrees during the day and only mid to upper 50- 60 at night. Thanks
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Jul 2, 2013
They don't need nesting boxes, they are only five weeks old! They will need a roost however. They will be fine for a couple of days without vents but you will need to get them in as soon as you can, leave the door open (covered with wire if you don't want them to go out) in the meantime so some air goes in.

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