Putting weight on after illness


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Jan 1, 2008
After a long battle with cocci it looks like it is finally gone. My chickies (10 weeks) are thin and I can feel their breast bone fairly prominently. I am wondering how I can get them to gain some weight.

They are on chick starter. I am not sure what protein content, the bag is outside and it is dark out now. I switched them from vegetarian chick starter to one with a meat by product in it. ugh But I thought it might help them gain weight. I have been giving them yogurt and I just ran out of vitamins, but will see if the store has some tomorrow. I also feed them some bread crumbs everyday. The bread has whole pieces of grain in it so it is very healthy bread (its organic). They don't get that much either. But they eat all the time and still seem fairly thin. I also feed fine grit. And about once or twice a week they get a little lettuce or chopped up tomatoe. They had some pumpkin too last week. They like treats, but they all eat a lot of regular food too. They have nice big poops.

They just got off the medicine two days ago (finally).


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Jul 25, 2008
Adirondack Foothills, NY
Give them some time Tiki. It takes awhile for them to bounce back and get growing again. You may notice that the sick ones are smaller than the ones who didn't get sick. Sounds like you are on the right track though. The vitamins are a good idea for a few weeks. And free choice feed is a good idea. Yogurt replaces the normal flora in their guts that gets killed with the cocci medicine. Keep an eye on them... it could take a few months to get them perking normally again.


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Apr 21, 2008
North Central Florida
I picked up some fat and finish at the grain store. Between cocci and a hard moult, my whole flock was looking a bit weary.
Its not what you want to feed them all the time, but I mixed some in the layer feed, and was giving it to everyone soaked in a bit of water. Folks claim you have no reason to wet mash, but it makes me feel better!
I give approx 2 cups and 2 cups water, set it down for who wants to eat it. (oh, it fed 5 layers, 4 bantams)
It has enough fat in it that their feathers will be healthy too.
I'll give it to them, reducing by adding layer crumbles and putting them on full layer over a course of a couple weeks. I want to make sure that when moult is over and they are feeling better that I get them on full layer feed. Then I'll feed them the fat and finish as a treat through the winter where I do not heat my buildings.

Good luck!

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