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Okay, I got this chick with a batch of Red Rangers from the feed store. It was supposed to be a Red Ranger, but its not feathering out like the others, and its not growing like the others. I did get 5 Golden Comets, but I can pick them out from the Red Rangers, and there are 5 of them. This one is smaller than the rest of them, so I'm thinking its a banty, or a slower growing breed. Its 2 weeks old. Here's the pictures. Maybe you can help me determine what breed this is.

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It could be. I think they had some Production Reds and/or RIR's. They also had some Speckled Sussex as well. My Red Rangers was one of the last orders they made.

Um... what happened to all of my pictures. I had four up there, now there's only one.
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