PVC emu feeder?

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    Nov 13, 2009
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    I've seen some PVC pipe feeders for chickens and other smaller poultry and was wondering if it would work for emus. Right now my sheep try to bully my emus away from their food, so I have to shut them in the barn for an hour or two so the emus can eat in peace. I'm afraid my emus may not be getting enough to eat throughout the day since there's not much to graze for in the winter around here.

    I tried using tubs and pails with holes cut in them that were big enough for the emu heads but not for sheep heads (my sheep have horns that can get stuck too if the hole is too big and they're persisitent). But the emus couldn't see the food well and just couldn't seem to figure out that was where they were supposed to eat from, even when I dropped in grapes and other favorites. I love 'em but they just don't seem the cleverest. My parrot could probably open a combination lock if he wanted the treat badly enough [​IMG]

    Any suggestions appreciated.
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    I hang a horse feeder bucket off the side of the fence I bit higher than my tallest goat can reach . dont know sheep but if a goat will give up trying....? I took the emus watching me dump the food in a few times to get it
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    Its harder for me because I have llamas also, and those tricky buggers will stick that skinny nose in anything. Also have a mare that has a tongue like a lizard..... My next step it to take 2 feeder buckets put one on top the other, and cut a slot big enough for the emus head to go in and keep the other critters out. Also have to fasten it so the horses can't pull it off..............
    I love mine too... but Einstein they are not.....

    What you can do is mount a plastic pan on top of a pole cemented in the ground. Sheep can't get a food hold as easy as a fence and put it high enough they can't stick a tongue in... LOL

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