PVC Feeder Problem


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Nov 7, 2018
i built a PVC pipe feeder using plans I found on the internet. However it doesn’t appear that gravity alone is going to do the job to pull the crumbles down the pipe, through the elbow connector and into the feeder section (with holes cut in it for the hens to feed out of). Does anyone have any advice for solving this problem? Would pellets work better than crumbles?

Also, my crumbles are getting damp inside the long, primary pipe. I don’t know if this is from humidity or whether it’s the little bit of rain we’ve been having. The end of the pipe has a screw in cap rather than an over-the-top end cap. Do you think that an over-the-top end cap would solve the dampness issue?

I made 3 of them. Right now one cap is stuck on one-have to get that unstuck this weekend. No issues at all with the one in the coop.

I do have the caps on the top and I do still get some wetness there when it rains. I can't figure out how either. It's very little and I remove it.

I do not have any problems with gravity--the crumble and pellers both work.

Here is a picture of mine


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