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I have a 4' tall A-frame chicken tractor that I wanted to make a PVC feeder for. There are 5 chickens. Is it possible to make a PVC feeder for a tractor? What configurations would I use? I read about using 4" PVC pipe and 45 degree elbow but when I put these together it seems not angeled enough. And can a 3" pipe be used instead of 4"? Also, how many openings should be drilled w/ 5 chickens?



I don't really like the idea of the PVC feeders for the following:

What happens if water gets in there? moldy food can make the birds sick

I have different age groups of birds, so I like having 3 round feeders in 3 different spots so everyone has a chance to eat without getting chased off by one group or another

I like going out to feed, water, and lets the birds out of the locked up coop in the morning and night so I can check on everyone.

If you had big auto waterers, feeders, electric poop door, when would you or how often would you check on the birds?
Any PVC pipe feeder you would want is described in this post. https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=206562&p=1
Cheeks points out some good points... if you have a larger flock. If you only have four or five birds, then a pvc feeder is good. They are simple and store a enough food to make them convenient. I personally keep it dry by keeping it inside the coop.
I went with the simple 90 degree bend. I would keep it larger diameter to allow it to store more food.
I made a "tee-pee" type shelter to cover my auto feeder, since I was tired of getting poo on my shoes twice a day in the run. My husband used pipe, made a U which required two corner and two caps. Cut a trough into the flat center piece. Held 10 pounds, 5 on each upward side. The shelter protected it from rain.

Now I have a much better coop design, and want to build one for inside. I may put one outside if I get the roofing on it, right now it's just wire.

Then I only need to worry about two bowls, for my birds who get chased away when the leaders are eating.

I like auto feeders so I can spend more time in my lawn chair watching the birds and hanging out with the friendly ones.

Sort of like full care boarding on a horse... you get more time in the saddle with less chores to do. So I'm all about easy chicken care.
~*Sweet Cheeks*~ :

If you had big auto waterers, feeders, electric poop door, when would you or how often would you check on the birds?

Just check? ...everyday.​

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