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Feb 25, 2013
Hello all! I am building my coop in a week or so, I have gone through hundreds of photos of PVC feeders. I love the idea that they get hung on the wall. Can I have some personal opinions on the use of PVC feeders? Do you use them? Have you used them and switch? Are they easy to fill? Roughly how much does it last when full? Any information will be extremely helpful! Thanks in advance.
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I like their price. Depends on how big you make them. I try to make them big enough to last a week depending on how many birds are in that building. I put the fill opening at a window so I don't have to go inside.
I'll try to get better pictures.
For 6 or 7 chickens, 20 lbs. lasts about a week.

Here's one I made that hangs in a run.

does a whole 20lb bag fit into your feeder? I was trying to come up with the best way to be able to fill the feeder. I will have windows, but they won't be able to be open. Thanks for the advice. What size pipe did you use?
4". I wanted to use 6" but that stuff is too expensive. I have 2 that hold 20 pounds. The rest hold about 6 but are in breeder pens for pairs, trios and broodies.
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We have a small one. With four hens it lasted about a week.

I have moved it a few times and changed it to now use shell grit. I made our's from 90mm storm water pipe and a couple of elbows. The little mounting straps can be bought from the same place for just a couple of dollars.

Here is was new.

Here is much later. We only had a low coop so I made the feed pipe short. Now we have more height I wish it was taller to hold more. May make another one soon.

There is a company here that makes very good one, http://www.dineachook.com.au/. They do PVC drinkers too
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