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Nov 27, 2010
Marysville Ohio
i havent found i decided i'd make one...i just bought a pyncheon rooster from the fair wednesday and brought him home yesterday... so please post pics,info,stories...whatever you feel like..heres my boy..let me know what you pyncheon owners think of him...never had one before so...idk anything about how they are supposed to look....




He looks a bit big.....too much white in the tail.....wrong color of leg (white, they should be willow green)....his comb is lopped....his pattern is not too bad....he is "pet" quality.....far from breeding or show stock.... what do you plan on doing with him and the breed?
thank ya not sure what i plan on doing with him...just have him as a pet right now....i missed having a flock and liked his color...
Giving him a second look....his color pattern needs to be a bit crisper in the spangling....too blurred....and too many white feathers throught out his pattern.....his tail may be a little too high as for this....too much and you will have squirrel tails.... Check out some of the birds color and pattern on my Pyncheon page.....just trying to help honest opinion.....I've had the breed for about 15 years.
This is the correct color of legs....
This is a good color pattern on a Mille fleur Pyncheon female.....notice that there is not excessive white in any part of her plumage....
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Pyncheon Guy is the expert but I will say that he looks a whole lot better than my pyncheons. I did notice the leg color right off though. Mine do not have the correct leg color either and all of mine have the flopping comb. Some day I hope to get some good ones.
Here is my Jacques. He's not by any means a typey guy, but he's my best chicken buddy! He has the same lopped comb as your boy, same pinky legs, etc.
My Pynchies are a work in progress, but we had an abysmal hatching season this spring. This could be the start of something for you!
Still and all, Pynchies are wonderful, rare little things and so enjoyable to have-floppy comb or no!
I am happy that the cock bird does have red earlobes....I've seen too many with white earlobes.....his basic ground color is rich and vibrant.....his pattern just has too much white.....get a better comb and the correct color legs...and you'll have an ideal Pyncheon.

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