Pysanky. Eggs decorating. Is anyone doin it?


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Mar 31, 2010
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Is anyone into Pysanky? Are you using traditional designs or doing new and inovative creations? Using different colored eggs to get different effects? I would love to see pics of your decorated eggs for the easter season!!
I am having Internet issues right now, so can only post one picture- these are the eggs I decorated last year- before I had chickens! I just scored some green eggs, and will be using them for Pysanky this Easter- will have to figure out how to decorate them so that the base color (green) will stand out! Would love to see anyone's decorated eggs!

I did not know what that style of decorating was called-I have only seen it a few times. That is beautiful! Im going to read the threads to see how it is done. It looks very complicated. Lovely work!
Those are LOVELY. I really like the use of the Ginko leaves. Do those hold a special meaning for you? Or did you choose them because you are drawn to their aesthetic?
It looks very daunting, but don't be intimidated. My aunt brought this craft home one year when I was probably 12 and my sis was 9. It was a blast! Some of my best designs were made then...I had more patience for fine lines as a kid I guess. The process is easy and the tools are not expensive. You can do many fun patterns with just the medium (blue) kistky.

We had the red, white & blue kistky. A small chunk of bees wax. And jars full of different dye. And a cheap candle. To polish the finished eggs, I didn't have any laquer back then so I improvised and used Wet N' Wild clear nail polish. Or whatever clear I could swipe from my grandma. I recommend sealing the dye with some sort of clear polish before you blow them. Especially if you're mouth blowing eggs...the dye comes of on your lips if it's not sealed....completely ruins the day when your cheeks are sore from puffing and you realize you just slobbered your hard work away, and your lips are dyed rainbow!

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