q about window on first "clutch hutch" building

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    May 8, 2007
    Hi everyone, but especially speckled hen --

    I'm wondering about the window on the side of the coop that ended up being inside once you built the addition. How was that made? Did you cut the hole in the plywood, and just mount the window on the outside with a hinge on one side and hooks on the other?

    I want to put openable windows in my coop, but I have NO carpentry skills whatsoever, and don't really want to deal with figuring out headers, etc. Plus I have old windows from a home improvement project, so I don't have the frames, just the top and bottom window parts of double hung windows.

    Can I just cut the hole in the plywood, cover it with hardware cloth, and mount the window with hinges? since it would stick out from the side wall of the coop, would that cause water to collect on top of it and rot out my window and coop wall? Anything else i should worry about?

    Thanks for any help. We got a lot done on our coop today, and I"ll post pics soon! I'm so excited, and my poor girls (first batch is 2 months old, second a month and they're STILL in my laundry room, poor things!) are dying for more spacious housing.
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    Geez, I just saw this post! So sorry! I was gone for awhile and this must have been during that time.
    That window was made with plexiglass and what they call brickmold. It was mounted on the outside just like you described with hinges and a hook latch.
    There is an overhang on my coop at that end so water rarely drips down there. You could make a little awning thing over the top of the window, but by now, you've got this all finished and are mad at me for not answering your post!

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