Quackers in my back yard

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by BackYardQuacker, May 30, 2012.

  1. BackYardQuacker

    BackYardQuacker Hatching

    May 30, 2012
    Hello all-
    So happy to find this 'fowl' bunch!

    So the short story is: I need some help and advice on keeping my mama ducks (and the future ducklings) safe and happy.

    The long story is: I have never had ducks in my backyard. I saw a post on Craig's list for Ancona duck pairs for sale and thought: COOL! So I bought two pair of these lovely heritage black and white ducks...thinking I could gather two eggs a day.

    Well.....after 2 weeks of happily gathering eggs daily, they stopped laying eggs. (Or so I thought) After about a week, I found the new nest with 15 eggs in it, and one female sitting on the nest.

    Well now BOTH females are sitting together- side by side- on this nest with no telling how many eggs in it because every time I get near they puff up and hiss! (I don't want to stress them out, and I sure don't want to get pecked/bitten)

    They have 'feathered' the nest and I'm hoping for ducklings....but I have no idea what to do to help. Do I need to keep the babies away from the male ducks? Do they need to swim in a homemade shallow pond? They are in my backyard in the city, and they have built their nest in my very small greenhouse.

    Yikes! I am so excited, but clueless at the same time.... :)

    Thank you for any help you can offer,
    Peace to you all!
  2. Kevin565

    Kevin565 Crowing

    Dec 22, 2009
    [​IMG]. Yes separate from your drake. Also no I would not allow ducklings to swim until 2 weeks
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  3. 4-H chicken mom

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    Aug 3, 2007
    Oberlin, OH
    Hi and :welcome from Ohio. So glad you joined. Good advice given. :thumbsup
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  4. weimarmama

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    Jun 4, 2010
    My Coop
    [​IMG] & [​IMG] from Alabama. Glad you joined us.
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  5. [​IMG] [​IMG] from washington state glad you joined us!
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  6. sumi

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    Jun 28, 2011
    Tipperary, Ireland
    Hello and [​IMG]
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  7. BackYardQuacker

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    May 30, 2012
    Thank you Kevin565!

    Someone told me to separate the ducklings from the drakes, then someone else I spoke to said not to. Very confusing for a 'new egg' like me.

    I will go with your advice and separate them....also will not let them swim for two weeks. I knew I could count on you all at BYC!
    (Oh I am so excited.....)

    Peace to all y'all,
  8. sourland

    sourland Broody Magician

    May 3, 2009
    New Jersey
    Give an update when the ducklings hatch. Good luck.

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