Quacking order

Oct 17, 2020
You know, instead of pecking order lol
Anyways, I have 2 muscovy ducks that are male and female. Both are about 5 months old now.
The drake whome we named Big Guy, mounts a lot of ducks. He goes after just about any duck who is slower than him.
I don't mind him mounting them and only intervene if he's being overbearing. The female usually is near and acts as if she's cheering him on.
Well lately every time he mounts someone, the female (her name is Baby) then decides to mount Big Guy in this weird duck threescore. Is this normal?
I don't have drakes, but when my girls were younger and mated more frequently they made stacks of 3 every day. One time they tried to make a stack of 4. I'm sure they would have if they had been able to balance.

Sometimes my most submissive duck is doing her own thing, foraging or something, and she will hear flirty noises between the two other ducks. Suddenly she needs to go join in. For this reason I believe that mating behavior triggers mating behavior - at least in my ducks. Also, with my ducks it doesn't have anything to do with the quacking order. The most submissive is frequently on top, by request of the most dominant.
I'm sure she is a female since she doesn't hiss and she make the same cute cooing noises as the other female who is only a few weeks older. Shes also half the size of the male.
Here are my 3 muscovies. The all black is female (Momma), the white crest is my male (Big Guy) and the white winged is my other female who mounts the male while he mounts someone else (her name is Baby)


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