Quail and Chickens


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Feb 24, 2021
Does anyone keep quail in the same coop as chickens but seperated by sections? I have heard some people say that quail can get disease from chickens. Then I have heard people say they keep their quail in the same area with no problems.

I have quail now they live in the garage in a battery cage. I have an outdoor shed that I want to turn into a chicken coup and get a few chickens (six tops and yes I learned about chicken math - quail math worked the same way). My shed has three sections, the chicken section is 12'Lx10'Wx7'H there is a small area attached that's probably 12'x8' that I could section off for my quail. I would like for them to live outside and have more space than the cage the are in now.

What say you?


Apr 15, 2020
Yes, quail can catch diseases that your chickens are resistant to, so there is some risk.

As long as they're not in the same pen and your pens are clean, you're probably going to be okay, though. Cleanliness is often the best protection against disease.
Agreed, as I understand it, the main concern is contact with the chickens droppings, but I don’t have chickens, so no first hand experience. I would say do your best, the quality of life improvement is probably worth the risk imo.

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