Quail and the cold?


May 24, 2016
I was just wondering how quail do in the cold.
- What is the coldest weather they can live in?
- What kind of quail do best in the cold? (I own Coturnix)
- What do you do for them in the winter?
- Also were do you all get your quail eggs?
I live on a small island in Alaska so we have no pet store or anything. It gets to be 15 at night so I have no idea if they will survive. The only way that I can own them is if they do well in the winter.

P.s. I also own chickens and ducks.
Coturnix can do fine in the teens if you can keep them dry and away from wind. They require a higher protein French than chickens 24% minimum. I have my pen predator proof from all local wildlife. I have no idea how you'd proof your enclosure against polar bear though.
Mink proof your enclosure. If one gets in it will decimate your entire covey. Mink will hunt for sport and kill more than they can eat.

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