quail are on their way today!


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Aug 20, 2008
Colorado...but home is Maine
Any last minute suggestions? I have to run to the store and get more starter (i had a bag last week, but due to an unfotunate water accident it's all ruined..thanks kids!!
) and i have the bag ofdry cat food to grind up for them if need be. How fine do i need to grind the feed and cat food to start with?

I am so stinkin excited!! Wish my chickies safe travels! And i will update when they come to my post office and to my home.
just have the brooder ready, with the lamp on when the chicks get here so they can go into an already warmed brooder. No slippy bedding, uummmm show them the water (you don thave to dunk them, just peck at the water with your finger and the braver ones should come right over lol and intice the ones that arent so brave).

As for the kitty food, a powder consistancy is best...but sometimes i get lazy and dont feel like cleaning out the food grinder, so I'll put a handfull of catfood in a ziplock bag and with a can of veggies I crush the catfood a few times then i poke a hole in the corner of the bag (only like a cm wide) and then you can just sprinkle some of the powdered kitty food in their feed everyday to once a week (whatever you perfer). Just slow down on it once they're 2-3 weeks old as it gets too be too much if given too often. Supposedly adults cannot process fats like the babies can i've never had problems with thi sthough as I normally only give ground up kitty food once a week to babies...and only to the adults when it's cold or when molting and when starting up breeding.
ROFL, I have told everybody at both the closest post office and at the ''hub'' to have their eyes out for the little ones. They're gonna think I am nuts with how specific i have been about them calling me asap when they get here. I can't wait for them to get here.

Thanks for the suggestions and for the note about the cat food. I gotta grind it up more than I did.
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My buddy tried to get BYC to get it to be a sticky. Nifty said that they'd vote on it if it was sticky worthy or not. ANd nothing ever came of it. I dont know why...maybe they need a ton of people who truely would like to refer back to it to ask about it on the one part of byc...i forget which part it is Bsaffles would know he's th eone who posted for me.

But it is also on my BYC webpage but it's not as good as the one that's all it's own post. SO by all means try to get it stickied but several people have asked for it to be several times here on this board and none of the mods have noticed and bsaffles requested it and still didn't get it to go through lol. I think I remember nifty saying that you are to report the post, and explain why ou want it stickied?
ahhhh i see!

I am still tappin my foot. I called the processing center again and they said htey'd call me to come get them the minue they have them. I am really anxious, like a new mom all over again, lol. I am hoping they call soon!
Can't wait to see pics! I know the feeling of waiting for chicks in the mail. I have some quail coming tomorrow too.

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