Quail Babies


5 Years
Aug 7, 2014
I have 6 bobwhite quail that I've been raising since 2 day old eggs that are 5 weeks old right now; they are still in a brooder until the coop gets built and they all seem very sweet to each other (nesting, cuddling, eating, drinking & living with each other in harmony)
I'm nervous that 3 or more of them will turn out to be males and they will "fight" & "pick" on each other. If this occurs, what's the best solution? They've been raised together since egg so they are very docile, one of them lets me pet him while he studies my hand, but could this scenario still happen??
One particular chick pecks at another chick's eyes and beak, but the chick doesn't seem to be bothered... He seems unfazed and turns his head and walks away. This is good that he doesn't attack him so I'm assuming he'll be a "get-along-with-everybody" candidate of the group?
And one last question: One of the quail will nestle behind 1-2 other quail and scratch and "groom-peck" their necks? I've heard that most male quail do this frequently to hens. Is this an indicator of gender??

Thanks in advance you guys!!

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