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Discussion in 'Quail' started by sweetshoplady, Oct 20, 2008.

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    Feb 4, 2008
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    My little male Coturnix has been watching my roo and imitating his romance moves. Which is really not saying much, as all he has learned is to grab the his little hen and chase her around til he is able to have an intimate moment with her. Usually he tries when I put the food down or give them a special treat and she hangs back watching him. She is not impressed and she knows his tricks. [​IMG]

    Also, just like my roo, he doesn't "offer" her any treats or food, he just eats it himself and pecks her when she tries to eat some. [​IMG]

    The funniest part is that he likes the little box I put in there for her and kicks her out of it. I am putting another little cigar box in there for her to use for her eggs. She did lay one egg, on the floor of their area. She does like having a little box. When I first put it in there she got all comfy right in the middle and just sat there with that "all is perfect in my world" look on her face.

    SO, will he improve in the romance department? He's not very old, about 13-14 weeks or so. Do they do little dances or anything else like that?

    When these eggs hatch out I'll be picking out new mates for them out of totally unrelated stock.
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    I think that's just normal coturnix behavior you're witnessing. [​IMG] They dont' really woo i'd say. Sometimes the hen initiats it by laying down with her neck stretched out for the male to mate with her, or if he wants to mate with her and she hasn't shown the "green light" he'll grab ahold until she stops. They do have a courting call though that we should all hear once spring comes. [​IMG]

    As for laying eggs in nestboxes..good luck [​IMG] My quails lay wherever they see fit. [​IMG] I just hope mine lay most in the indoor part of their home..not the wire part! [​IMG]

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