Quail cages over a backyard pond?


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Aug 10, 2013
Abbeville la
Hi , just wondering if anyone has tried putting their quail cages over the water, I have a one acre pond and thought it might be cool to put e few quail cages along the dock , covered of course , to allow their poop to just fall in the water.. I'm only talking about 2 dozen quail , does anyone have any ideas on this ? Any help would be appreciated
quail poop is no more harmful to the water then duck/crane/otter/beaver/fish/turtle/snake/etc... poop. with 2 dozen quail over an acre pond you'd likely never see any adverse effects, worse case may be a little algae bloom during extreme heat weather.
I have personally seen large ponds with thousands of chickens over. The ponds were stocked with fish that either eat the chicken waste & dropped feed or the algae & other water plants that the chicken waste fertilizes. The project harvested both fish & chickens. They said they might profit little on the chickens so the fish were a strong benefit. A proper balance might work symbiotically.

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