Quail chick has spraddle leg, nothing is working

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Apr 7, 2019
I've recently hatched quail chicks, and one of them has developed spraddle leg three days ago. Before, the chick was fine, but now the left leg is sticking out weirdly, and the chick hops around on the right leg, dragging the other leg around. I've tried a lot of solutions, like bandaging the legs together, which didn't work because the chick kept on falling over and could not learn how to walk. I've also tried putting the chick in a small cup, but that didn't work either, because the chick was putting the bad leg up, instead of down where it's supposed to go. Eventually, I got the chick to put the leg down, and left it in the cup for an hour, but there was no change (but it was my first day doing it.) It kept on crying while I put it in the bandage and the cup, and I don't want to stress it out too much. The chick can still eat and drink. Any tips? I'm getting very worried.
The parents of this particular chick could have passed on their own deficiency to the egg. B-Vitamins are water soluble, meaning that in theory, they pee out what they don't need (in the case of birds, poop). You can either use a vitamin / mineral supplement that you add to their waterer (recommended and less expensive), or you can buy liquid vitamin drops for birds like chick booster. The packaging will indicate correct dosage. You can use products designed for chickens for your quail.
Are you sure it's spraddle leg and not twisted tibia or slipped tendon?
This is twisted tibia:
I can't really tell the difference. The chick's bad leg and foot is pretty unresponsive, but it bends at the top normally, if that makes sense.

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