quail chicks photo being hatched!!!!!!!!!

Here's my three chicks,i only put 6 eggs in this time,till i get confident with incubator. i,ve setup 2 breeding cages, pairing up white and Tibetan quail hoping for heaps of tuxedos, i put 25 eggs in yesterday.

very nice indeed! i been reading all different posts about hatch rate, been a 1st timer as well, i thought i would get 20-30% hatched, but atm its about 75%, so i didnt think i would have so many, i picked up another cardboard box today, from the sydney fruit markets, they are called viso bin, about 1200mm by 1200mm about 700mm high perfect for them to run around. the owner was good enough to give it to me for free, thank you norm. they hold 300kilos worth of fruit in them, i will put quail out of the brooder about 3-4weeks time into the viso bin with hay and light. im also going to set another 8 dozen eggs on saturday, following the moons sign, set them on the 3rd november (cancer sign)and hatch on 20-22nd november (pisces sign), i want to see the difference it makes on the baby quail. im also keep a diary of all the events that happen as well. stay tuned!
We hatched four quail as a school project for my 8 year old animal lover...it was such an enriching experience and we have had so much fun with them. They are 6 months old now and we love our quail babies. What was surprising was that my teenager was so involved, he constantly checked the temp and humidity. It was such an amazing experience for our whole family. The great thing is, it is an ongoing educational experience. The kids see where their food comes from and it is a pet that gives back (eggs). Enjoy!

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