Quail egg sizes


Oct 16, 2018
I am looking for information and I hope someone here can help me. I've searched online and there is not much information out there. I am wondering if the quail eggs differ in size regarding which breed they are. Bob white vs corturnix vs jumbo corturnix etc. i am trying to determine what size eggs will fit in certain egg cartons. Do all quail eggs fit in a standard quail carton?

Any and all information will be much appreciated!!!
Coturnix: The nutrition labels that came with my plastic cartons say that the serving for each egg is based on 9 grams, so using that as a guide the cartons are meant for 10-gram eggs. That's for standard coturnix, and the cartons hold up to 13-gram eggs with no problem closing. Once you get to 14-gram eggs and above (jumbo eggs), the packages still close but they don't snap and I use a rubber band to keep them closed.

I weigh eggs all the time as I collect them for incubating. For standard cots, I get some dinky ones at 8 and 9 grams, quite a few at 10 and 11 grams. Jumbos are at 12 grams on the low end and I occasionally get a 16- or 17-gram egg. I only incubate 11 grams and above.

Not sure about bobwhites, but someone will likely chime in.
Welcome and thanks for asking. All types of quail can lay all sizes of eggs. That being said the coturnix lay larger eggs consistently. Specifically the Texas A&M and the jumbo Brown. Not saying they will not lay smaller eggs but they will consistently give you the jumbo more frequently. I know several breeders who have all confirmed this. As far as the egg cartons standard when cartons will for them all just not snap shut with the jumbo eggs. Different people do different things to close the carton. Staple then shut, rubber band, two small drops of hot glue. Your choice. Hope this helps.

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