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Oct 22, 2012
Hello :)
I have 3 coturnix quail eggs in lock down at the moment (exciting!)
They are on day 14 and seem quite heavy when I last checked them.
About 2 years ago I got some quail eggs and tried to hatch them in a incubator that I made, I didn't know anything about humidity back then.. I know, sounds really irresponsible! I didn't even know about the term lock down until this year, (I have done lots of researching on hatching quail and I hope I haven't forgotten anything important)

I have my homemade incubator on, with a fan and a light bulb, hygrometer & thermometer, plus a dish of water and 2 washcloths. The temperature is quite unstable and I have to keep a really close eye on it most of the time. I don't have an 'element' or whatever it's called (quite on sure where to get those from where I live). I have ventilation holes and I have to cover some up and leave some open, and just have to change it. Sometimes the temp and humidity can stay a really good level and not budge, but then suddenly it changes, It can get really annoying.

I've candling the eggs and there's a black bulge and the air pocket, but for one of the eggs from what I can see, looks to have it's head or beak in the air pocket (or maybe I'm seeing things).

I have a few questions that I can't seem to get answered.
When in lockdown can I change the washcloths? They dry out quite quickly and then the humidity drops!
How do I keep my temp and humidity stable without making any drastic changes?

I might update these questions or ask if someone answers these for me. Thank you for your time reading this and fingers crossed for this hatch :s
It should be near or in the air pocket...change the wash clothes as quickly as possible...as long as the temp stay above 75 your fine...with a hen she gets off her eggs for about five to ten minutes and it is okay...I have been in your shoes before...unless you buy a regulation incubator it is really had not to the the temp or humidity drop when rotation and adding water...I did this same thing with chicks had about 70 eggs and hatched 55 it was my first time doing it...I hope I was of some help to you...
Ahh, patience is what I need! Also a good incubator
The temperature drops to 92 F and the humidity climbs (relative humidity..) It's really annoying and I'm getting so peeved off! Why can't it be stable like it was during the day
I've hatched bobwhite quail before. All I did was keep the temp right, and turn them when I needed to. I also made sure that I kept water in the legs, and I had nine hatch! I did that a few years ago, and I'm 13 now. Hens don't have all the humidity things we do. Hope you have good luck!!
Lots of people say that quail don't really need the humidity aspect of it, but I just thought I'd get it right just in case. :s
15th day today, 2 more days till hatch day, let's hope one decides to hatch out a little earlier. They're so adorable when they hatch (from what pictures I've seen!) Patience and excitement

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