Quail Eggs and Incubating


8 Years
Feb 3, 2011
They just started laying on Tuesday and I have been getting 1-2 eggs per day from 6 hens. There is only one male that made it through the incubation and constant predator attacks. In total I have 7 and I have not broken one to check for fertility. What are the odds of them being fertile with a 1-6 rooster to hen ratio?

I am a science teacher and school ends this week. I helped a motivated student build his own incubator, after we did our own classroom hatch. I would like to collect all these eggs and give them to him before the last day of school so he can continue the hobby after he graduates.

Fat Daddy

9 Years
Dec 11, 2010
If your roo is doing what roos do, most of your eggs will be fertile. I wouldnt say all, but most. I ran 1 roo on 9 hens for awhile, and had around 60% hatch rate. If Mr roo IS "on the ball", he would not need to cover a hen daily for fertile eggs. IMHO, your eggs are likely coming from the same hens. The rest simply are not ready to lay yet. Good luck, Bill

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