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    Jul 5, 2011
    what would be the best type of grass for quail???? i'm talking real 'breeds' of grass or whatever not "green grass" or "no grass"
    something that can take a lot of foot traffic and scratching, can take dampness, semi shade and is still 'edible' ( not a spindly brown patch of weeds)
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    Quail should not be kept on grass, a raised pen will work look at the sticky at the top.
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    Quote:Mine seem to like Bermuda Grass. You can experiment with different grasses by going to a nursery and buying a few different pots of grass. Place the entire plants in their pots in the quails area, and see which ones they eat. I have several pots of grasses in my aviaries which I rotate out after they eaten them down to the roots. That way they have a chance to grow back.

    Any grass you find they like, if you are looking to plant it as a grass, you can find seeds at a nursery or on line.

    Bermuda Grass also comes as a bail of hay. Grass Hay. It works very well on litter floors as it does not mold as easy as other hays, and dries fast if it gets wet. It is soft for making nests and good for snuggling into on those cold winter nights. [​IMG]
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