Quail has rainbow legs and can barely walk? (serious question)


7 Years
Jan 23, 2016
Lincoln, IL
Hi so my 7 week old coturnix quail male is generally very calm. well, i noticed he wasnt even walking so i put him on the grass (they always run away when i do this) but he didnt, he only took a few slow steps. so i checked his legs, and on the sides they are green, which fades fro blue to purple to pink. he keeps bobbing his head down slightly and puffing up his feathers. i dont have a camera right now, but i will have one later today. does it sound like a bruise?
Both legs? Could he have been stuck in the cage? Anything restricting blood flow? A picture would be nice, yes.
they aren't in a cage, they are in a plastic container. i may have bruised his legs because he escaped a few days ago and was running everywhere. it was hard to catch him, but eventually i got his legs. i didnt hold him by them , but i did hold them together so he wouldnt kick. i should have pictures in about 10 minutes
Hmm.. I've carried quite a few chickens around by their legs and never noticed any of them having trouble walking afterwards. But it does look suspicious that he has those marks right around where you would most likely have had your fingers..
If he's eating and drinking as usual, I'd just keep an eye on him to make sure he's getting better, not worse.

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