quail help


5 Years
Sep 11, 2014
I have 8 4day old bobwhite chicks I hatched them last Sunday. One has died two are looking sick. There broader has been staying at 97 . I haven't seen them eat or drink anything so I'm occasionally dipping there beaks in there water. Any advice? Or help would be awesome
sit with them and be sure they are eating and drinking. Sprinkle the food on the floor if you must but get them intrested init. have you checked the temp with a second thermometer? it might be too cool for them if its like it is here in Colorado today it is about 40 degrees cooler than yesterday. you could add some electrolytes to the water too. good luck
I'm pretty new at this but I have had issues where the chicks wouldn't eat the food without me crumbling it to a smaller size and leaving some on the ground around the feeder.

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