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Discussion in 'Quail' started by DLS, Apr 30, 2009.

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    My friend has 25 georgia giant quail in the incubator. The power went OFF & his temp went down to 70 . But he said not for long, down then back up . . I have never had a power outage in my bator so I could not help him. BUT I AM ASKING Y"ALL . I figgure that the inside temp of the egg should of not dropped to low.At least not as low as the air temp. it is day seven or eight on these eggs.POWER came back on & He warmed them right back up. the temp was only down for 1 hour & only below 80 for 1/2 hour --I think-- what are his chances? I think they may not be hurt at all??
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    shouldnt have hurt them at all! [​IMG] Had almost 100% hatches even DURING a poweroutage [​IMG]
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    :lol:well I told him that the hen leaves the nesy to eat & poop ect. so the eggs should cool off when that happens? right?If this works out I might talk the old F4&T to getting a computer. I hope any way .

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