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    Good morning,

    I have had chickens in the past that I raised for eggs. I sold them due to a move but I am ready to get back into some sort of birds for egg and possibly meat production for my family. I have been looking at quail since they are smaller birds and seem to be fairly good at laying eggs. That said, can anyone tell me why the minimum run on quail is 100 birds. They are more expensive than chickens and I don't have any clue what I would ever do with that many birds. It may be a case there is some reasoning behind it but I don't see any explanations. Also any suggestions on where to get birds? I have found a local breeder here but he wants 100 per run order as well. Any info you have would be great.

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    Much of the time quail are kept for meat birds or eggs. Bobwhites can be used for land restocking and hunting. So I think these are the reasons they sell these birds by the 100 count. But many times in the spring, Tractor Supply carries quail and you can pick as many as you need. You can also hatch your own quail eggs. You can usually buy eggs in small amounts. Craigslist can be of help, but be careful when purchasing birds there as many times they are not kept well and are either sick or old.

    You might also do a google search in your area for quail farms or even do a search here at the top for your states thread and chat with others in your area and state and maybe they can give you some ideas.

    You can also ask around with your local 4H club. Many times these people have leads to poultry.

    Good luck in your poultry adventures and welcome to BYC!

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