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May 17, 2017
A few weeks ago I started my own flock of chickens. I would also love to get into quail. I know that i can't keep them together or near one another but if i free range the chickens how much of a buffer do o leave between the quail and said chickens? How many quail do i need to start with? What are the dementions of an adequate cage? Does anyone know where i can get really good stock for my first flock here in central alabama?
Hi there :)

It's always a risk to have chickens and quail near each other - that being said, I have been doing it for a year now with no problems, the free range chickens eye the quail eggs through the aviary and the quail don't care about them one bit :p

Some people say it's a matter of time, my thoughts are that if it was going to happen it would have happened by now, and also since there are wild birds flapping and pooping all over , they could catch anything from anywhere. We have five chicken hens.

For what reason are you keeping the quail for? That will determine amount and space :)

You're lucky to be in the states, there are many good places to order eggs from, I hear James Marie Farms is good?

If you want live quail, they shouldn't be shipped, I use Kijiji (an online local buy and sell app/website) to find local quail. Hopefully somebody from your area will post and can give you more specific advice :)
I had a 53ish% hatch rate with shipped eggs from Purelypoultry.com. I was very pleased as this was my first time incubating quail. I really wanted to have two breeding groups in the hutch I built. I ordered 50 eggs because i've heard of really bad hatch rates on shipped eggs so I have 30% birds and really wanted a couple of males and 10-12 females. If you want to come pick up the spares you are welcome to. LOL

Now I'm thinking about building a quail run so I'll have my breeding groups in a hutch and my grow out pen will be the run.

This whole thing is maybe 10-15 yards from my chicken run.
What part of central Alabama are you? I live in north jefferson co. and have Coturnix quail. If you want hatching eggs or young chicks I can help you out.
An alternative to a quail run is to make a quail tractor (which can be moved from place to place). Here is a link from a former member who kept his quail in a tractor. I made one because I didn't like the fact that a quail run would be a permanent fixture.

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