Quail with swollen foot


Apr 27, 2019
Quail has had a swollen foot for like 2 weeks. There are not quail vets and ect in my area so that's out. No sign of injuries, so sign of bumble foot, it's just swollen and semi mushy. All the swollen area is a purpleish color. I have her in with my baby quail in the brooder. I've started soaking her foot in warm Epsom salt water.


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Thank you everyone! We originally thought Bumble foot too except there was no sign of the black or dark spot where the infection is supposed to be. Literally just swollen. That's it. I've been soaking it and it's at least not gotten worse lol. They have half and half. The wire section is filled with shavings tho to keep it softer
Any update on her?
It does look like bumble foot, but the purple color could be bruising meaning it's caused by some kind of injury to the toe. It could be broken or just sprained or something. It does seem unlikely that the swelling should stay for 2 weeks if that was the case though. You say it feels semi mushy? As in a hollow space filled with fluid? Or just extra fluid in the tissue? Or something not quite fluid in a 'hollow' space? Since it's been so long I might be tempted to try to find the area with the thinnest skin and cut it open, if you think what causes the swelling is not actually part of the tissue, and if a week or so of bathing it doesn't help.
Is this something here? Looks a bit dark and dry/scabby from this angle, though I'm sure you would have noticed in person if there were something there.


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