1. Viapaws

    Floppy Footed Franklin

    Hi all! One of our ducks has a floppy foot that is causing him to trip. It doesn't appear to be an issue with the leg, just the paddle. I don't believe it is bumble foot but I'm still new at this. We have steps in/out of the pool and he rarely uses them, preferring to topple the 8 inches over...
  2. Natashal8909

    Quail with swollen foot

    Quail has had a swollen foot for like 2 weeks. There are not quail vets and ect in my area so that's out. No sign of injuries, so sign of bumble foot, it's just swollen and semi mushy. All the swollen area is a purpleish color. I have her in with my baby quail in the brooder. I've started...
  3. C

    Missing Toenail?

    We just got back from a week of camping (our neighbors have been taking care of the chickens), and we realized last night that our silkie, Myrtle, is missing a toenail! The whole thing just kind of came off, I guess. There is a very small scab and we have not seen any blood. It doesn't seem to...
  4. Aliamelody

    Is this bumblefoot?

    I dont know what is this? Im so worried He can walk so good But i noticed these blains
  5. Nats Chickens

    Hurt and possibly stressed guinea pig!

    My guinea pig Timtam has spurs growing on her feet. I was cutting one off, all good. I cut the other off, and as I am doing it she pulls back her leg and tears the skin. She is bleeding but not much. I put her with some towels for a floor and hideys in the laundry sink with some food. I am...
  6. kurak3000

    Weird looking foots.

    Hi, i've found that my 3 weeks old black_runner_mix foots looking weird. Do you know what can it be? First i thought some wheat straw bedding sticks to it but after checking (after 15 min bath) i know it is some permanent part of the body. Doesn't look like bumblefoots i'v seen on internet. This...
  7. LinzRebecca

    Big, swollen foot

    8 year old Black Sex Link. She’s always had gnarly feet but lately her left one is noticeably larger. She isn’t limping or acting like it hurts. I’m thinking the dark spots on the bottom are maybe bumblefoot? There’s also a bump on the side that looks like a cyst or something. Any help is...
  8. A

    Deformed foot

    My dad brought me home two leftover chickens they had at tractor supply. One has a serious leg deformity. I do not know if this was aquried after hatching or what. According to my dad the employees say that it's been getting around rather well and it does sort of hop using its wings. The leg can...
  9. PrincessLay-a

    Hen With Foot Growth (not bumble foot)

    Hey, I wanted to hop on here and see if anyone could help me figure out what is going on with my hen. She is maybe 2 years old short and stout. We recently built a new coop for our hens but they haven't been using it as they have gotten in the habit of sleeping outside. It's just gotten cold...
  10. Thechickentrainer1999

    Limping chicken

    Just notice one of my buff orpington hens limping. I went to go check her out and she doesn't have as much energy as normal. I also did not see any cuts or bruises on her feet or leg. What could be wrong? She seemed fine this morning. I thought chickens tried to hide theor injuries and sicknesses?
  11. MotherHen75

    Orange Nail?

    My Amearicauna, Joey, has this Orange nail. All her other nails are fine, did she damage this one and it’s healing? I just noticed this i’m not sure how long she’s had it. Should i be worried?
  12. Big Red Roosters

    Damaged foot

    How's everyone's Christmas Eve going? All well I hope. Yesterday I was at a family Christmas and didn't get home until late. All I did was fill up waterers when I got home. Today I'm actually out looking at everyone and one of my rooster's feet is deformed and he curls it under while walking...
  13. Aliamelody

    duck foot problem

    my duck was ok yesterday but today when i went to feed him , i saw he couldnt set his foot on floor he move his feet there is no scar or swelling i dont know whats the problem please help!
  14. G

    Broken toe? Help please. Pics below

    Hi everyone. My Wellsummer came back to the coop with her toe like this a couple weeks ago, she limps and holds her foot up as you can see in the pictures it’s the middle toe and it’s swollen. she stays around the coop all day and is taking it easy, but she’s miserable. what can I do to help...
  15. Shmegel

    Limping Coturnix: Backwards Nail/Claw/Toe?

    My sweet Coturnix quail is suddenly limping on one foot. I examined it and found nothing abnormal except that one of the nails on her unused foot is backwards. It’s just the claw part, not the foot. I’m not sure if it was like that before, but she’s really pitiful right now and I’m not sure how...
  16. animalyodelers

    8 week chick hurt foot? Limping

    My 8 week old Buff Orpington chick has been limping just today. She has been reluctant to put much weight on it, but she has still been hopping around, eating, drinking, pooping all normal. She has been active with the rest of the flock and even on the low roost. I'm not aware of any injury...
  17. SplashyDashyChicksHatchi

    Chick with Broken Toe? Deformity? Non-urgent.

    We recently got 8 new chicks for raising then selling. We purchased 6 sapphire gems, 1 americauna, and 1 little barred rock. The barred rock seems to have a crooked toe. 2 days ago when we got them was when we noticed it. It looked like she got her middle toe broken when she was in the brooder...
  18. W

    Help! My only rooster has something wrong with his leg!

    So I have 10 hens and only 1 rooster to watch over the flock, and he has been limping for about 2 weeks now. Only recently have we been able to tell whats wrong with him (he doesn't let us close to him like the other hens let us), and its a bruise or something that looks pretty serious on his...
  19. Thechickentrainer1999

    What is the healthiest roost to use?

    I know many people have different opinions when it comes to roosts whether it be rounded perches or 2x4. But my question is, which roost is healthiest for the chicken to lay on. I recently saw an article that was very hard to understand because of the wording used in it that said that one or the...
  20. ChellyRod

    What injury does my new adopted hen have?

    **URGENT** Hi there! I made an account on this website just to find answers for my hens. I recently adopted a hen from a family member. This hen has a weird bump/thing on its left foot. She doesnt walk on it and doesnt put it all the way on the ground. She limps pretty bad. She does however use...
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