Quails and Chicken? Help?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Sorya C, Mar 26, 2017.

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    So we have been wanting Coturnix quails for a while now. But now that we found some, well we need a place to put them... So I have some questions, and it would be awesome if they can get answered.

    We have been feeding our hens this: can quails eat this too?

    Can quails stay in a chicken coop with chicken ( We would make them a little house with hiding spots inside the coop)?

    We have 2 eight months old light Sussex chickens. They are very calm and friendly ( at least with us [​IMG]) would quails be ok to stay with them?

    If they share a house with my chickens would they need their own water.

    They... What is the minimum amount of quails do we have to get ( I heard they have to be in groups).

    How do they sleep? On a branch in the air like chicken?

    Are they calm?

    And lastly, do they run or fly away?

    Thank you guys so much!!!!! Puzzeled carer. [​IMG]
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    I know nothing about quail. I can tell you, though, that chickens can be very territorial. Even adding new chickens to the flock can cause drama and fighting. I can't say for sure that they'd attack quail, but I'm guessing there's a pretty good chance it will happen.
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