Quails in MA for sale :)

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  1. spotsplus

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    Sep 29, 2008
    Franklin, MA
    Button Quail- (smallest quail-pets)$3 each
    White Juvenile male (3 months)
    Silver Juvenile hen (3 months)
    Silver red breasted hen- 5 months
    Cinnamon speckled hen- 5 months
    Bonded pair- Wild dk brown speckled hen – laying- Golden male- both 6 months $5 pair
    Blue breasted Juvenile male- 3 months
    Normal brown/blue/red vent Juvenile male (3 months)
    Red Breasted Juvenile male with extensive white face (3 months)

    Fertile Button Quail eggs (mixed colors) $5 for 10+
    Fertile Coturnix Quail eggs (golden speckled, golden Manchurian and Tux) $5 for 8+

    Other Quail
    California Valley Quail- pair only- 3 months $25
    Bob White Quail- pair only- Tenn. Red female, Normal male, laying & chicks $18
    (sorry no BW chicks avail) 6 months


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