Quails killed with no heads.

Discussion in 'Quail' started by DPQuail, Dec 18, 2016.

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    Dec 9, 2016
    The first night 3 of our female quails were plucked on the side of their body, feathers were torn out and lots of blood. A few days later the rest of our flock-4 more, (1-male, 3-females) were found dead with no heads. We aren't sure what killed them, either a raccoon or rat. Yet there was no damage to our hutch if it was a raccoon. Now I have been reading up on rats and they could have fit through the chicken wire we had. So I think it might be rats. Though a day later my husband found a pigeon in our front yard headless as well and the rest of the body was intact. Would a rat just eat the head and nothing else? Thoughts?
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    sounds like a coon,possum, or weasel. for your quail.

    possible owl or hawk on the pigeon. or predators above.

    not sure what predators are in your area.

    you stated chicken wire. I don't use that I use 1/2 inch hardware cloth.

    Chicken wire is good at keeping birds in but not predators out. Coons can reach right thru.
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    Check out this link and look at skunks. They remove the head and leave the carcuss. Do you have skunks?

    You may find something else in the list.
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    Sorry to hear what happened :/ No matter what predator it is - chicken wire will not keep them out, from rats to even chickens have been known to break it. A lot of animals (like a weasel) can fit through and other can just gnaw it to make a hole or reach right through to hurt/kill them.

    Hardware cloth (galvanized metal mesh) is your best option. Weasels, rats and mice can get into a 1 inch hole - I use 1/4 inch hardware cloth so I don't have to worry about anything like the big predators as well as things like bees and vermin :)

    It goes on sale at TSC and while it's an investment, it's great peace of mind and less work in the end once everything is secured.
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