Quarantine Coop and Run design thoughts?

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    I am bringing home three bantam hens on April 17th. I don't currently have a quarantine coop so I am working on building one. This is what I have so far. I just have to put the fencing on it. The quarantine will be a minimum of 3 weeks. I would like to keep them quarantined for a month though if this is big enough for that. They will have access to long lush grass. The grass is currently being watered and it will be about double in height by April,17th. This is place 20 feet away from my other chickens, and is down wind from them. I can't move it any further then my other birds sadly. Will this be big enough for three small bantam hens for the quarantine period?

    Above: 5.3 feet long x 4 feet wide x 2.5 feet tall

    Above: 5.3 feet long x 2 feet wide x 2.5 feet tall

    Above: Two nest boxes that are 1 foot x 1 foot

    Above: Roost 2 feet long, 5 inches off the ground.


    Above: This is the floor space available to them

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    As long as it is temporary they will be fine people in the city with small yards keep like 6 large fowl in a coop and run that size does that make me mad when people do that it's like how about I lock u in there all day and night but anyways that is a good size for bantams and large fowl bantams u could probably put in 4-5 if u wanted to for a while and for large fowl I would only put in 2-3 and for the peice above the little door there I would take an old peice of tin and screw down to keep rain away from there door so when it rains they aren't trapped in there house all day on a rainy day so they can still get out and strech there legs good luck

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