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Apr 14, 2007
How far away should a new animal be kept? When I build my coop, do I need another building to keep new animals in? How long should they be kept away from the older animals.

How do you treat your 'new' stock?? Thank you Dixie
Are you talking about chickens or other animals?

MissPrissy is the Queen of Quarantine, she made a thread on it somewhere...
! Well, I hope that Miss Prissy and others will chime in and give them all the knowledge...
Thank you-great information BUT how far is far enough to keep them safe-25ft-100ft etc. Would it help to medicate new birds during their quarentine, as a precaution? Thank you all --for repeating yourselves--for us newbies!
You are all worth your weight in gold!!! Dixie
dk, you are a nut. Will it have glitter and feathers?

As far apart as possible is my opinion.

I don't feed my birds medicated feed. I feel it is best to let them build a natural healthy immune system.

You have to understand that I do not raise for pets. My chickens perform a job. I don't medicate for illness. I cull when needed. I am not willing to risk my flock for run of the mill new chickens. I wouldn't risk my flock for 1 show quality bird. I take approrioate biosecurity measures and have never in 20 years had a sick chicken or a flock that had to be put down.

Good luck with your new birds.
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